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Alright. Before we dive into flipping the mobo, let's document finishing up the drive cage mod. :-)


As you saw last post, the bottom is lined up pretty nicely, but what about the top where the 3.5" cage meets the 5.25 cage? Originally, there were a set of four clips that matched up there. What about now?

Well obviously that's not going to work. They don't fit together, and the extra thickness is pushing the 5.25" cage too high, warping the case. Looks like it's time for a bit of work there.


So I drilled out the rivets there too, and took a dremel cutoff disk to those pesky tabs on the bottom of the 5.25" and the top of the 3.5" cages. Notice I didn't cut them off (might need them later), I just cut the sides so they can be...

Flattened out flush with the rest of the cage! So how does it fit now?


Vertical height looks good.


Vertical alignment looks good. For the final step, I drilled holes through both where they meet for a future rivet or screw point.

What say you? Looking pretty good?
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