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3. Full Disassembly and Taking Stock

Okay, at this point, I decided I was comfortable drilling out the rest of the rivets to prepare for cutting some fan holes. After a bit of drilling, this was the final state of the case:

So that's back panel and side panels on the left.
Top Panel, Drive Cages, and Bottom in the middle, along with the PSU stabilizer bar.
And Mobo Tray (with old mobo mounted), Front Panel, and Front plastic fascia on the right.

Then this happened:
Originally Posted by BruceB View Post

If you want to get the psu to the bottom without Messing around too much then you can flip the MB tray upside down (it's quite a common mod, here's a good example of what I mean: Flipped MB

And you know what, I think it might actually work with this case, too. But to really tell, I need to reassemble that sucker and play around with the orientation of the parts. So off to the hardware store to buy... machine screws!


After a bit of work, I had the case back in a semblance of completion in the new "Rotated Drive Bay" configuration.

Not exactly an earth-shattering change, but definitely an improvement, I think.

Now... how exactly would we rotate this mother to get the PSU on the bottom, which would require getting the motherboard on the top. Which would require getting the backpanel so that the PCI openings were also at the top. Which would require moving the mobo support bar also.... hmmm... Let's visualize this.

So what we're talking about isn't just moving the PSU to the bottom and the mobo to the top, but actually rotating that whole assembly, including the back panel. This means that not only has the PSU been shifted to the bottom, but the motherboard tray will be rotated to the other side of the case, like so:

The only "uh oh" moment is that to do it right, I'll also have to take the 3.25" drive cage, that I just finished rotating 90 degrees one way, and rotate it 180 degrees to face the other side. *shrugs* So be it, I think it's doable.
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