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Originally Posted by Jhereg10 View Post

That is just awesome. Thank you! I'm going to seriously consider that.

EDIT: I did some quick test fitting, and I am *totally* doing this. It looks like all I need to do is:

- flip back panel upside down with Mobo tray and PSU bar attached
-drill new holes to mount top and bottom of back panel
-drill new holes to mount PSU bar to front panel near bottom
-flip lower drive cage 180 degrees so it faces the other side and re drill holes there.

May have to drill new holes for side panels. Not sure yet.

Thank you very much for the tip. I should have new photos up today.

No probs! thumb.gif
A word of warning before you rivet everything together: Check that the side panel that will become the door can be taken on & off tongue.gif
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