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Originally Posted by BruceB View Post

A word of warning before you rivet everything together: Check that the side panel that will become the door can be taken on & off tongue.gif

And you weren't joking either...

Thanks to those nifty machine screws, I was able to do a full test run on fit. Here's how it went:


The first step was to mark and drill new holes for the flipped components. I shoehorned them in, marked with pencil, and drilled 1/8" holes:
AppleMark AppleMark

After doing a test reassembly, I checked that issue I predicted earlier. The 3.5" drive cage was now facing the wrong side panel, so I had to remove it and flip it to the other side, which involved drilling another set of holes.


And then another test fit for the side panels. At which point, I discovered that I had taken a shortcut that wasn't going to work. BruceB predicted this possibility...

The lower tabs near the back panel aren't "low enough". Why? Because of this:

I took a shortcut there. Instead of lapping the back panel under the bottom, I nested the back panel inside the bottom. That added about a 16th of an inch. That was a 16th of an inch too much, apparently. So disassemble and do a bit of metalwork.

As you can see, I had to grind out the corners of the bottom just a hair so the back panel would lap under properly. And I had to cut a couple of notches in the lip. Not a big deal. Test fit again, and now the door panels fit.

But of course, the thumbscrew holes are in the wrong place now, because I flipped the back panel. I don't want to retap holes in the frame, so I opted to use those to mark where the holes on the side panel should be and drill that instead.

AppleMark AppleMark

And on to the final test fit!

AppleMark AppleMark

Everything appears to fit! I had to use the step-bit to widen one of the thumbscrew holes, but that was about it. So let's cram an ancient IDE mobo, a crap PSU, and a couple of old IDE drives in there and test out the layout:

Mobo fit looks good. Something odd going on with that PSU bar, though.

Adding in the drives and PSU:


Notice that even with the uber-bulky IDE ribbon cables, the inside still looks pretty clean with this layout. The biggest problem is that the PSU is crap, and its wires are far too short for good wire management. But that's an easy fix by either splicing them, buying extensions, or (duh) using a better PSU.

And on a side note, these are NOT the final components going into this case. I'm just using them because I don't care if I bang them up in the process. Once done, I'm putting in an old (but slightly newer) set of components.

And I figured out what was wrong with the PSU bar.


I had it too high on the front because of lapping the back wrong earlier. So I took the screw out, and it "sprang into place". I'll have to mark and redrill a rivet hole for that. No biggie.

So here again is the before and after:



All in all, I'm very pleased with how this is going so far. Next step, take everything back out (again) and disassemble (again) and start marking hole locations for fans. thumb.gif
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