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Originally Posted by MrBlunt View Post

I've done a couple acrylic rigs. The last one i was moving, and it slipped out of my hand after putting it down and it fell maybe 1". i had cracks from the top rad to the cpu and cracks in another bend. im aware that cracks are usually from being stressed too much when being bent. And if done correctly should be ok. But after watching the videos on PETG, i still havent seen any bad pieces of PETG or results from water permeation, *which i dont really understand**,and i havent seen any real results about being uv unstable. now are they talking about say the amount of uv from one of those dentist curing lights vs sun vs a uv light cathode or led.
This will be an extremely heavy build. i can easily imagine the frame of the pc twisting slightly if picked up which could induce a crack in acrylic.

what do ya think Bnegative

If you are willing to be the guinea pig then try it but,to me,its not been tested anywhere near long enough for it to be adopted yet.

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