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Originally Posted by Modders Inc. 
The power delivery design has also changed compared to the Z87 MPower MAX. Phase count is down from 20 to 12 utilizing a 6-phase Intersil ISL6388 VRD12.5 controller with six ISL6611A doublers at the back. ON-Semiconductor NTMFS4C08N (high-side) and NTMFS4C05N (low-side) Power MOSFETs are used instead of NXP PH7030AL/PH3830DL LF-PAKs that were used on the Z87 MPower MAX.

The inductors are 0.47uF “Super Ferrite” chokes and the surrounding capacitors on the CPU area use the same Tantalum-core Hi-c caps used on MSI’s high-end motherboards which are convenient for LN2 overclockers because their low-profile design makes it very easy to insulate (with Dragon Skin or kneaded eraser) the surrounding CPU area. The rest of the capacitors are solid aluminum-core Low-ESR “Dark Cap” capacitors.

Source: http://www.modders-inc.com/msi-z97-mpower-max-ac-motherboard-review/2/

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