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Originally Posted by Germanian View Post

Awesome guide thumb.gif. I am on z87x-oc, but I still learned something from your video and the guide.

I didn't know about GTL that tool is amazing. Could a saved me like 10 BIOS restarts the other day trying to find low undervolt biggrin.gif
Yea GTl is awesome smile.gif
Originally Posted by MaKe OuT View Post

I have the same question after reading the guide. I think we were directed towards 0.5-0.6 V above Vcore on Z87, on Air/AIO. Maybe I could have achieved a higher OC by increasing VRIN...possibly less Vcore needed.

And another question, has anyone discovered the best "hardware monitor" for keeping track of voltages and temps while under load stress testing on these boards?
Yea they are just suggestions, i think intel suggests 0.8v delta, but I find that higher VIN can help sometimes, but also lower can help as well. Lower delta=lower temps, higher could be more stability if you can handle the temp increase.
Originally Posted by fateswarm View Post

Auto-subscribe obviously. Auto-rep obviously. I tend to a UD5H from what I've seen (though I'm still waiting for all boards information and for Devil's Canyon).
haha thanks for subscribing smile.gif
Originally Posted by stasio View Post

Nice review Steve...as usual......
Can you replace pic for EasyTune and System Information Viewer (at the bottom)....it's to small to see.
They are thumbnails, but OCN imports all the pics and replaces them on its own server. Ill fix it up.
Originally Posted by error-id10t View Post

With the VRIN over-ride, is that true now for Z87 also.. seems to have increased a bit...?
I think it has the same maximum as before? 3v? and same max under normal BIOS of 2.8v? Or do you mean by auto? Because its still 1.8v by auto.
Originally Posted by dinos22 View Post

Nice one Scuba Steve smile.gif
Thanks Dinos

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