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Earlier this year I created my own fastening bracket to fit an Asetek closed loop cooler to my Radeon HD 7950. I did my best at the time and even though it works perfectly I don't really like the look of it. This was not exactly a problem when I had a solid door on my Nanoxia Deep Silence 1, but now that I recently changed it for a door with a window in it it is more of a problem.

Thus I started working on a nicer looking bracket and even though my original bracket was made of aluminum I figured I would make this one out of some scrap acrylic I have laying around (Easier to shape and easier to make look good).

Here is the initial design:

A rough presentation of the look:

The bracket will be painted flat black on clear acrylic and I will do it so that I mask away a pattern that will end up showing clear acrylic when I'm done.

The little "flap" will have this design and will be made in the same way as the main bracket

So what do you think? I would gladly take some pointers on the design before I start making the thing.
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