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In which Bruce finds out why I'm spraying expanding foam into the front bezel!
Originally Posted by BruceB View Post

Wait, have I missed something here? What's the expanding foam for?

Looking good, that HDD Cage is so good it Looks stock! thumb.gif

Funny you should ask... (And thanks for the compliment on the drive cage. There are some spots where I slipped, and it's not quite perfect when you look very closely, but not bad for hand tools I think.)

So what I did was, I sprayed expanding foam (Great Stuff) into the cavity of the front bezel to make a substrate for something more solid. After it cured, I cored it out with an exacto knife (and cut myself) as you see here:


Then I took it back (yet again) to the hole saw and just trimmed out the excess in the middle.


The result was pretty sweet, I think. A perfect matching "tube" lined up with the front bezel, and it adds almost no weight to the bezel.


And a back view:


EDIT: The more I stare at it, the more I realize that top hole is a few mm's off. I'm going to have to drill that out a bit more and fill it on the other side. Then some sanding and filler work on the front bezel, and finally painting that baby.

I'll post a photo of the installed front bezel with the foam later this evening.
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