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I scored a Mozart XT case and this motherboard CPU combo for a steal! This build is going to be Candy Red and Ciroc Red Berry themed! biggrin.gif

The Ciroc bottle will be the RES but not sure where I will place it yet, I wanted to put it up front but I dont think it will work out.... The three colors in this build are Candy RED, Black Onyx, and Dull Silver. I will probably pick up a FlowJet for the pump since I have the room and Im thinking two 240mm Radiators or maybe even a 360mm in there somewhere.. I may also make this my HTPC but im not sure yet, I will find a use for it!


$100 Thermaltake Mozart XT
$275 EVGA Classified & Xeon W3530 Combo
$150 HD 7970 3gb DDR5
$30 EK 7970 Backplate
$10 Dual 12" Cold Cathode Kit
$100 Swiftech MPC35x
$25 EK MPC35x Pump Top Acetal
$50 EK Monarch X4 ram block Nickel/Acetal
$80 6x BitsPower RAM Plates
$24 2x Corsair 140mm CF RED LED Fans
$150 AlphaCool UT60 280mm RAD
$75 EK Classic Copper CPU Block
$110 EK HD 7970 Block
$24 MCP35x Pump Heatsink Housing
$1203 Total
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