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Well it looks like either the "Great Stuff" foam was not fully cured when I trimmed it, or the air flow made it dry too quickly, or it just naturally does this, but when I checked this morning, it had contracted and the foam "tube" had widened. :-(
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That stuff looks like it worked perfect! Keep up the good work!
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Impressive work. Are you going to bondo/fill the bore of the foam tubes? It looks really too. Keep up the work

Thank you both, but it looks like I posted too soon. Overnight, it changed to this:

On top of that, the fact that the top hole was about 2-3mm too far to the left was making me nuts. tongue.gif

So let's regroup a bit. Clearly I need something better in that hole than expanding foam. Based on advice from TLHarrell and after looking at some stuff from MNPCTech, I decided I really needed some sort of insert, supported by the foam.

Now, Obviously, I could have gone online and ordered premade ones. MNPCTech, PerformancePCs, CoolerGuys, and FrozenCPU all sell "fan ducts". But where's the fun in that??? I'm trying to use, as much as possible, salvaged parts and easily available substitutes. After a short trip to the hardware store with a paper template of the holes, I found this:


That's right, it's a 6' long piece of Schedule 40 PVC Pipe, 4" Inner Diameter. And it has an Outer Diameter of ... you guessed it, 4.5". It fits literally like a glove. Heck I could have friction fit it into place in the hole saw cut. Total cost, $10 for enough to do 20-30 ducts. They also carried 3' lengths for about $7 but unfortunately were sold out of that length.

But we still had that pesky mis-drilled hole. 2-3mm off, remember? Driving our poor modder nuts, right? Well let's fix that too.

Offset the piece just a hair, and shaved off another 2.5mm from one side, careful not to damage the top and bottom, which are wayyy thin at this point.

Now to place our cut pipe in the holes and temporarily lock them in place with a bit of superglue. I also put a thin piece of cardboard underneath to make sure there would be a small gap for a future filter.


And on once those are firmly fixed in place, I flipped it over and spray-foamed the remaining gaps to firmly lock the new "fan ducts" into place.


My OCD is now satisfied, and I think it should be simple to trim the fronts as desired and use fiberglass or bondo to sculpt it. Based on comments, I'm now leaning more toward fiberglass, even though I'm pretty intimidated by it...
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