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yeah I finished with the front side, and I painted a couple of coats to see if my masking is good enough. I will know for certain tomorrow and I will start shaping it then, I will also modify my backplate by then to but I am uncertain of what pattern I will use on that one.

I do have a plan b and a plan c that I can use but I do hope my first attempt will prove to be successful. I will upload some more pictures tomorrow with the result (or rather later today).I wanted to ask you all of what you think I should do with my backplate designs, although they are not strictly my designs I figure I can use them since it's for a personal project. The backplate will be decorated by the use of clear polyester labels that I will print out when I'm closing to the end.

The first design will be a simple printout from the design here:

and the second will be a modified version that will only show the darkest areas while the rest will be transparent so that you can see the aluminum surface underneath (I will sand it down and polish it). Like this:

I will print out both eventually and check which one looks best but I figure some input might not be bad.
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