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14. Side WIndow Planning

Alright, next up is planning the size and location for the side-panel window while I start work on fiberglassing the front panel. I'm interested in any feedback here.

Here is the interior showing relative locations of the components:

Note: These are not the final mobo/psu/drives for this system. They are old stuff that I don't care if it gets banged up from installing/uninstalling multiple times so I have something to test fit.

And the current side panel:

Here are a few possible variations on window size and position. Apologies for the rough look there, I just took Photoshop and erased some of the upper layer to get a feel for looks.

Which do you think provides the best aesthetics?





I'm concerned about the last two because of structural integrity. That steel side-panel is pretty floppy. However, considering acrylic is probably more stable than the steel, having a side window might actually stiffen the panel up.

Thoughts or preferences?

Originally Posted by XorioZ View Post

damn dude.

This is so nostalgic.
Reminds me of mods made back when water-cooling wasn't commonplace and all cases where beige.
You know back when thermaltake didn't exist and Antec was a big deal.
With the CPU's just breaking the 1 GHz barrier.

Mods back then where all made with stuff bought in the hardware store, homemade led chains and your imagination.

Makes me want to do an old-school air cooled case mod smile.gif


And thank you. I tell you, this is a blast. And get this... I found a repair shop nearby that *might* provide me a nearly endless supply for tinkering.
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