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She told me I wouldn't make more than $10.

*snare-drum snap*

So I'm sick. Sick I tell you, of that beige paint. Now, I could just scuff it up and paint over it, but where's the fun in that? Let's strip down to bare metal and reprime that baby!

I used this stuff, purchased at my local auto parts store, and laid down some cardboard. I wore vinyl gloves, which turned out to be a mistake (more on that in a minute). I kept good air flow, but didn't use a respirator for this. It seemed pretty mild, vapor-wise.

Started with the top and the side panels:

The top was a breeze. The paint bubbled up within 5 minutes of soaking in this stuff.

The side panel, on the other hand, took about 20 minutes before the paint loosened.

Not sure why but both side panels were much more problematic. The paint texture, now that I think about it, was different on those as well. The top was smoother and the sides had a more powder-coat feel.

This was as clean as I could get the top and sides after a single dose of the stripper:


Wear nitrile gloves (which I switched to). In the vinyl gloves, my hands started burning about 30 minutes in, and when I took the gloves off, I could tell the material was compromised by the stripper. A bit of hand washing and I was fine.

Let the stripper do its work. Don't rush it, that just breaks the paint into flecks which then will try to re-bond with the surface. In my defense, the top was so easy and fast, it made me impatient and set uneralistic expectations. I should have waited about 30 minutes on the side panels.
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