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Not me. For some reason my payout has been cut in 1/2? I'm guessing more people have joined the pool?

I'm definitely getting way more than I used to as the PPD of the pool has decreased. Are you sure you haven't changed anything? Are you getting the same PPD as before?

Dunno. People tell me you can't go by v7.4.4's PPD numbers and HFM does not work with 7.4. The pool does not line up with the 24 hour numbers in the EO stats site so I dunno where the 24 hours falls. There are people coming and going from the pool. The only stats the site has for folders is how much coin they each got the last 24 hours. Don't know the overall ppd, what % I'm getting, or what not.

There's too many unknowns to determine if you're doing ok or not. All I know so far is that I've made 130 curecoins the past few days which is about .025 BTC at the going rate or $16 before electricity costs.

The coin's value will continue to go down until they pick up some other use for it other than being traded at exchanges.

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