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So thought I'd take a minute, now that the interior is dry, to see how this baby is going to look when I'm done, and use that opportunity to see what accents I'd like to do.

First step is to protect the finish I so carefully applied from getting damaged before I can apply the protective clearcoat (which will have to wait until AFTER I finish the accent colors.)

So I cut some little squares of cardstock, stacked them, drilled a hole through them, and made some "paper washers". Easy peasy.


And thus to assembly, with much care. And the result:


Then I took a couple of those photos, threw them in Gimp (similar to Photoshop) and played around with accent coloring.

TIP: If you're wondering how to do this, it is very easy. You open the photo in Gimp, make sure your "Layer" window is open. Right-click on the layer that is active (contains the photo) and "Duplicate Layer". In this screen capture, you can see I have several duplicated layers that I have tweaked. Each layer is perfectly aligned with the others.

The upper layers on the list are in front of the lower layers on the list. Then take the LOWER layer, and adjust the color balance (shadows works best) to whatever accent color you are looking for. This gives you something that looks like this:

Then you make one of the original normal-colored layers visible in front of the colored layer, and just use the ERASER tool to erase the layer wherever you want the color to show through:

So this is more or less what I ended up with as a planned color scheme. Maybe a little darker red. THE RED IS PHOTOSHOPPED, not actual red paint applied.

What do you guys think? I'll probably do some lettering or stencilling in the middle panel of the 5.25" drive cage.

Not content with that, I threw the front on there too, so I could do a "progress to date" comparison.


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