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Another small but correctable oops. This tray is old. So old that it wasn't precut for access to the back of the mobo to install an aftermarket CPU cooler backplate. I had intended to cut the window for that before painting and priming, but I got ahead of myself and then kept putting it off.

Well I decided I couldn't dither any longer.

First step: How big is that opening supposed to be? And where? I had no idea...

So I grabbed a picture of my Gigabyte mobo from teh interwebz and threw it into Visio (love that program) and marked the location of the mobo mounting holes and cooler mounting holes:

Pasted a photo I took of my Corsair case into there, scaled it so the holes matched, and layered it behind the mobo:

And finally, marked where the holes were, where the back of the CPU was, etc. That gave me this:

Hiding the back layers, I got this:

Printed that out and actually installed it using standoffs as a template over my modded case's motherboard tray.


Using that template, I traced out how big I needed the window (green), as well as tracing out any existing contours of the tray (pink):


Cut out the hole in the paper I had marked marked for the window, and taped around the resulting shape to protect the tray's finished surfaces as much as possible during cutting:


Some dremel cutting and grinding:


And voila. Looks pretty good, other than the fact that I mangled some of my hard-earned paint job by doing this in the wrong order. No harm. A bit of sanding and touch-up:


And the final product:

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