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I managed to mask off and paint the first of my accent spots. I chose to start with the back of the 5.25 cage and the bottom panel. The first because if I screw up, it's least visible, and the second because it's pretty straightforward.

TIL: I need different widths of masking tape. There was no way I could cut, trim, fold, spindle, or otherwise mutilate my (rather expensive) green 3M automotive masking tape to mask off the drive cage, so I fell back on blue painters tape, which was *still* too wide and would only allow me to mask off half the area I wanted to paint.


Overall, I'm pleased with the result, though I could have done a better masking job with some thinner tape. I will probably try to sand the edges ever so gently to see if I can shape that a tiny bit.


The bottom panel came out better than the drive cage, though again, with some very narrow and flexible masking tape I could have gotten a perfect instead of almost perfect circle. But the beautiful thing here is... once that paint dries and I clearcoat it, that panel is DONE. No more painting the bottom panel! YES!
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