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I still can't get the holes centered like I want. I did use a sharp bit with an easy-start tip, as Animal0307 suggested, and marked the hole with pencil on tape. But silly me I didn't prepunch or predrill a smaller hole (which I will do next time). So two of the holes were about 1/16 off-center.

Used a file to bring the hole back to center.



As you can see below, the machine screws will hide the error. Only you will know I screwed up. wink.gif

So let's see what those feet will look like on there. I added some washers temporarily so I don't have a lot of extra screw sticking out. Technically, I expect the intent was to mount the screw head under the feet, with the nuts inside the case. But I preferred the cleaner look of the screw heads in the case. I'll have to get or make a spacer for this.


Here are a few more shots, just to get a feel for how it's going to look:


I think it looks awesome. And it gets the case well off the surface for very good air flow to the PSU.

And now on to the painting. Is it a sin that I'm beginning to grow weary of masking off areas and painting them?


Don't cut corners on masking. The accent color you are spraying will sneak in between layers of paper/tape and get where you least expect it. Just a fine dusting in spots, and I think I can polish it off. But still.

Also, I want an airbrush setup. Rattlecans are just too brute-force for this kind of detail work. I feel like I leave more paint on the paper around the object than I get on the metal. rolleyes.gif

And as always, you can't get in a hurry with painting. I'm told that you want to remove the tape after it's had a chance to dry a bit, but before it cures, so the paint won't have bonded fully to itself and tear/peel when removing the tape. But you have to do it carefully (says the guy who stuck a fingernail in his brand new paint job.


The 5.25" Drive cage is done completely on one side now. I was able to do the middle, and the roundover, and the remaining rectangles all at once now that I figured out better masking technique.


And finished the other side of the back panel. Starting to come together. Can't wait until I can get that final clearcoat on. Gonna wait until the satin has fully cured before I do that, though.
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