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This update is a bit of catch all, because I have a half dozen things going on at the same time.
Originally Posted by BruceB View Post

Vandal Switches = Sweet! wink.gif
Top Job on the painting, it's looking really good, I didn't see any Problems in the Pictures, either you fixed it before you took the pics or your QC Standards are way higher than mine! biggrin.gif

Could you tell us a bit about the feet when you've built the System? I'm looking for something to help with Vibration noise in my rig, and I think softer feet might help. thumb.gif

Thanks. Let's say that when I took that photo, I'd already fixed some of it and the worst offenders were farthest from the camera. I'll def let you know how the rubber feet turn out. So far I'm very pleased with the look and feel, especially after my little tweak below. I hope you aren't completely sick of seeing my masking and painting. I can tell you that I'm getting pretty fed up with masking and painting. rolleyes.gif
Originally Posted by phreeq View Post

Looking real nice. Maybe sometime in the next couple of days I'll swing over and see it in person. thumb.gif

You are always welcome of course. Hope this gives you some more reason.

What have we here? Rubber washers? Did I happen to mention those? As I mentioned last update, the machine screws on the feet were longer than I wanted. I could have bought some shorter ones, but frankly I liked the idea of the higher clearance at the bottom. The metal washers I used as a temporary measure weren't cutting it, so I bought some rubber ones, which should also help with vibration:


And I finished almost all of the accent painting. I'm really starting to get tired of putting on and pulling off tape. Here's the motherboard tray with its freshly cut backplate window.



And the motherboard brace. I painted the inside of it red. I have plans for that brace. PLANS I SAY!


And the 5.25 Drive Cage (again). And I have to hit it one more time for the center and the roundover.... (argh). Gotta say, though, the reveal is like opening a birthday present. wink.gif


If you look closely, you'll see my masking job wasn't quite perfect. I may try to sand a bit of the overrun off, or not. At this point, I'm really afraid to mess with it for fear I'll screw it up and have to repaint. (argh argh)

While that was all going on, I spent a bit of time playing around with cookie pans. Whazzat? Cookie pans? Well why not? Have a look at what they might do for a back side panel bumpout:


I'll have to cut the rounded edge off, and do some body filler work to smooth out some of that crease and a few of the imperfections from handling.

Only real question at this point is whether I mount it with the "lip" on the inside or outside of the panel. If I go with the smaller pan (second photo) I could do either. But the larger pan (3rd photo) would require external mounting.

And last but not least, my initial idea for a logo. I'm thinking that I'll cut something like this design into either some sheet metal or acrylic, and backlight it through some translucent acrylic. I've been checking out available materials at Tap Plastics, and I've got.. ideas. Yeah... ideas.


Worse yet, this is giving me other ideas. Like the kind that would require taking another look at the top panel with maybe a Dremel. No. No don't even think about it... far too late for that. Would require more *shudder* painting....
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