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s7Design's Raised from the Dead - COMPLETE

This six-month effort combined not one, but TWO beige-like computer cases into a single entity! The bottom case in the upper photo was cut in half and turned into a cooling box, while the upper became the main system. Modifications included custom 3D printed parts, completely retooled interior, custom foam panels, custom water loop, awesome custom paint scheme and decal work, and the list just keeps going on and on! He even used a small automotive radiator! This case came in second place in a Mod of the Month competition on another site! For details on means and methods, visit his mod log!

Jhereg10's Relic - COMPLETE

This seven-month effort was an attempt to take a relic of a beige box and turn it into a thing of beauty. Highlights of the build include: hand-sculpted front bezel, custom paint job, custom window, flipped mobo, paracord sleeving, scratch-built cable management panels, scratch-built PSU shield, hand-made backlit logo, rotated and vented drive cage, and 120mm fan holes throughout. Jhereg10 used locally available materials as much as possible including PVC pipe, body filler, foam board, and salvaged materials from the original case. Most of the internal system components were purchased from the OCN members through the Marketplace. For details on means and methods, visit his mod log!

repo_man's Phoenix - COMPLETE

repo_man completed this build way back in 2008, but the final product is timeless! From the dual jet intake front fans, to the duel rear exhaust fans, this thing has serious airflow and serious looks. Add to that the clean interior and a custom 90 degree HDD mod in the 5.25" drive bay, and you just can't go wrong. And then there's the cable management. Those old PSUs and cases weren't easy to get that clean look from, but he did it. Well done sir. Well done indeed. For details on means and methods, visit his mod log!

BruceB's 20€ LAN PC - COMPLETE - June 2014 MOTM NOMINEE!

BruceB took an ugly beige box, so ugly we used it as our example on the first post, and took it all the way to the top. Including but not limited to cutting it down to about 75% of its original size, a custom paint job, home-made LED light strip, vinyl wrapping the PSU and GPU backplate, and custom window mod, this mod epitomizes what a quality beigemod can be. For details on means and methods, visit his mod log!

XIP28's Retro 486 - COMPLETE

XIP28's PC started out its life as a bland, cookie cutter, office box. But no longer! He tackled that most dreaded of beigeboxes, the U-Shaped Shell From Hades, and bent it (no pun in tended) to his will. A snazzy new paintjob, a surface-mounted plate with backlighting on one side panel, and some excellent windows on the other and he was in business. This is one box that's not ashamed to proclaim its 486-ish-ness! For details on means and methods, visit his mod log!

XAslanX's Tribal Leo Syrillian Tribute - COMPLETE

XAslanX made a marvelous tribute to Syrillian using a smoke and dust-filled beige box he found at a thrift store. He cleaned it out, disassembled it, cut new fan holes, and gave it a gorgeous paint job with intricate stencil work. After rounding it out with some more modern internals, he breathed new life into that case. For details on means and methods, visit his mod log!

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