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In so in this I am a Budgetmodding expert! I have many build logs:

In Progress:

"Righteous Gamer"
"Star Citizen"
"Army Strong"
"Black Edition"
"Simple Desk Build"
"Red Berry Ciroc"
"Boba Fett"

Unfinished, Scrapped or On-Hold:


Budget Builds:

"Blood Drenched Alien"
"M11x R2 Black OPS II Edition"

Regular builds:


Custom Items(Artisan):

Uni Bay Display

Custom Bottle Reservoirs
Overclockers Delight

Now granted not all my builds are Budget but one thing you will find is that I have creative and innovative ways to save money and make the builds unique and awesome! I also am able to afford high end hardware on some of them just because I saved money in so many ways on some of the needed items! I never pay retail for anything! biggrin.gif I have also done quite a few dumpster build but never had them on OCN and no longer have pics rolleyes.gif RIP 3TB HDD..... mad.gif

Anyhow looking forward to sharing and seeing where this goes!
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