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Originally Posted by TheReciever View Post

lolwut, is that a cookie sheet?

Either way, its always nice to see a fresh approach to a mod, no matter how unconventional lol

Yup that's exactly what it is! Unconventional is my middle name, if you spell it s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y-a-d-d-l-e-d. wink.gif
Originally Posted by ron1389 View Post

That looks really solid! I wonder what it will looks like when it's painted.

Hopefully good. biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by Dortheleus View Post

Looking good smile.gifthumb.gif

Originally Posted by Wanou View Post

Looks nice.

Good idea for the syringe. I'm looking to use the same product and I'll try to get one to apply the product evenly.

I'd assume you'll only get one use out of that syringe. Probably those cheap oral medication ones would be best?
Originally Posted by Brian18741 View Post

Can't wait to see how you blend it in with the body filler. Great work so far as always!

Me too! Only thing, and fair warning, I'm going to have a busy two weeks coming up after this weekend. Expect little or no progress during that period. thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif
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