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Originally Posted by Wihglah View Post

Couldn't you spread it on with a paintbrush?

I think it would be a bit too gummy for that. It has the consistency of honey. Worth a try tho.
Originally Posted by Wanou View Post

Well, I was thinking maybe a pastry bag would be handy here. It's easy to fill and apply with. Also you can cut the corner to the desired shape and width.

That's an excellent idea.
Originally Posted by PurdueBoy View Post

Throw some 3M spray adhesive on the sandpaper and stick it to the pvc. Great for sanding awkward areas. I sometimes make my own foam sanding blocks with unusual shapes to sand tough spots and just glue some sand paper to them. Don't have to worry about uneven surfaces like you sometimes with when only using your fingers.

If you're worried about the strength of the joint you could always throw some pop rivets through the handle areas of the cookie sheet. Wouldn't be too hard to cover those up with the body filler.

Hmm are you going to be using that Everglass stuff you used on the front panel as the filler? I looked it up and supposedly it's flexible and has Kevlar strands in it, but I'd still be worried about flex cracks. Definitely going to want to be gentle with it after it's finished.

I can't think of any ideas to avoid any issue that might arise from that. Maybe get the joint to look decent with filler and sanding and then getting a large sheet of plastic and thermo-forming it over your side panel as a veneer, then attaching it with some kind of adhesive and trimming the excess.

Thanks for the adhesive tip. Definitely will do that. Not sure I can fit a rivet in the handle section. Still pretty narrow but I'll take a look at it.

As far as the Everglass, yes that was the plan. I've been very impressed with its durability so far. And with how much the panel stiffened up, I'm going to run with it as a test and see if it holds up.
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