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Managed to sneak in some body work on the back side panel today. So let's start with another shot of the side panel.


First I had to grind down some of the excess JB Weld. That went pretty well.


Then I roughed it up with some 100 grit sandpaper.


Getting ready for the body filler. I used two pieces of wood to brace up the front edge to ensure it stayed completely flat during the body filler work. That's the longest edge and had the most risk of a deflection. My thought was, if it's as straight as possible during the filler work, maybe the filler will help keep it that way, and it will reduce the risk of cracking when I install it since it will already be flat.

I also braced underneath with some plywood to ensure the bottom of the work area was flat.

Degreased with isopropyl alcohol, of course.

First layer of body filler around the edge and the top. The top has a slight "lip" that I want to smooth out.


And then filing and sanding down the high spots.


TIL:  Leaving excess filler that has gone where you don't want it, with the idea that you'll just sand it down later, is silly. If you wait about 2-3 minutes after you apply it, then you can scrape it off with the filler spreader easy as pie.

And the second coat. This time I flexed the spreader slightly and managed to get a decent curved profile. I'm actually quite pleased with it. May not have to do much heavy sanding after this coat.


After this dries, I'll probably sand it down and switch to the glazing putty.

One thing to point out, I worked on this without handling it like it was fragile, and I didn't see any signs of joint failure. I think the filler, on top of the JB Weld, is going to give me a pretty stiff panel. Heck it's going to be stronger than it was originally I think.

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