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Originally Posted by Tokkan View Post

Dual Core unlocked and overclocked from 2010 versus Dual Core overclocked from 2014 thumb.gif
Can you tell the CPU/NB overclocked? If there is any, if there isn't you should overclock it because Phenom II beneffits from it and keep HT at stock.

Hope to see more results, intrigued by this.. but according to benchmarks an overclocked Pentium is on par with a stock i3 which outperforms overclocked Phenom II X4's.

I had my NB at 2800mhz I believe, I pretty much pushed that chip to it's limits the best I could with thermal constraints, I got better and better at overclocking it and worked my way up from stock voltage, I could do 4GHz but that would be too much for the cooler now, especially with Summer approaching.
Also, what benchmarks and by how much? in my first Performance Test Screen the 955 is allegedly 15.6% slower with a score of 3976, versus the Pentium's 4713.
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