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[Anandtech] NVIDIA’s April Driver to Support Ray Tracing on Pascal GPUs!

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I think RTX cores are gonna go the way of the dodo faster than PhysX cards, & dedicated secondary GPUs for PhysX, or PhysX period.

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Quote: Originally Posted by skupples View Post
I think RTX cores are gonna go the way of the dodo faster than PhysX cards, & dedicated secondary GPUs for PhysX, or PhysX period.
Dedicated RTX cards!
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sudo apt install sl
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Quote: Originally Posted by PontiacGTX View Post
I was thinking they used it for global illumination well I guess I need to read into this.because most games use SSR right? I wonder if HUNT uses this kind of reflection instead SSR
Apparently Cyril Crassin a researcher at nVidia made SVOGI and they ended up scrapping it. Crytek SVOGI is based off of nVidia's previous work. nVidia ended up using BVH since it was less demanding or since it was easier to make dedicated cores for? We'll see what nVidia ends up doing with VXGI.



but according to this article credit went to Tim Sweeney


Here's an article regarding SSR not being used.


'Neon Noir was developed on a bespoke version of CryEngine 5.5, and the experimental ray tracing feature based on CryEngine's Total Illumination used to create the demo is both API and hardware agnostic, enabling ray tracing to run on most mainstream, contemporary AMD and Nvidia GPUs. However, the future integration of this new CryEngine technology will be optimised to benefit from performance enhancements delivered by the latest generation of graphics cards and supported APIs like Vulkan and DX12. All scenes are rendered in real-time in-editor on an AMD Vega 56 GPU. Reflections are achieved with the new experimental ray tracing feature in CryEngine 5 - no SSR [screen space reflections].'
Quote: Originally Posted by skupples View Post
I think RTX cores are gonna go the way of the dodo faster than PhysX cards, & dedicated secondary GPUs for PhysX, or PhysX period.
RT cores aren't going anywhere any time soon just like Tessellation units.

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Then you read the article and it isn't that amazing.


When we enable the dedicated RT Cores on GeForce RTX GPUs, a substantial load is lifted from the shader cores, further improving performance. And when we examine just the ray tracing subset of the graphics workload, RTX 2080 is upwards of 10x faster.
Turing slices ~30% of the workload due to concurrent INT+FLOAT and possibly FP16

RTX Turing slices ~66% of the workload due to Tensor and RT cores

PS. it also requires 6GB VRAM , only GTX 1060 6GB and GTX 1660 and higher:
Note that only GeForce GTX GPUs with sufficient performance and memory for basic ray tracing capabilities are being enabled by the update, as without specialized hardware such as the RT Cores, ray tracing workloads run concurrently with all other graphics rendering tasks, putting substantial load on the GPU.

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I'm afraid of Nvidia pushing this crap and it running like crap on AMD cards. Giving us another version of tessellation.

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It's probably going to run terribly without the ray-tracing cores. It already runs terribly with the ray-tracing cores.

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April....driver...ray tracing....April fools coming up o.0

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Quote: Originally Posted by skupples View Post
I think RTX cores are gonna go the way of the dodo faster than PhysX cards, & dedicated secondary GPUs for PhysX, or PhysX period. [IMG class=inlineimg]/forum/images/smilies/tongue.gif[/IMG]
It's going to become ubiquitous hardware like tessellation shaders. Raytracing, for now, is the only way to improve lighting, in so far you want realistic lighting. Though I've heard raytracing is based on how cameras work rather than eyes, although I'm not entirely sure how cameras and eyes work, similar enough I'm sure

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Umm, How Bout Noooooo.
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Quote: Originally Posted by keikei View Post
So the entire marketing about needing rt/sensor cores was baloney? Nvidia just got caught with their pants down. I would be pissed if i bought an RTX card, but from what i hear isnt many.

Ehh as an RTX owner, I never really saw it coming to fruition anyway, not why I bought the card.

If anything Im glad, they will be giving some support to older cards, assuming the RT cores, will allow my 2080ti to RT better, and adding pascal will get more dev support.

That said, I didnt upgrade from 1080ti, but a 980ti. And, I have the new Swift, so bought the best card available. I could see people that upgraded strictly for RT being mad.

Quote: Originally Posted by ACleverName View Post
April....driver...ray tracing....April fools coming up o.0
LOL had the same feeling.

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You are just talking more and more nonsense now. It's time to take this back to whatever noob forum it came from.
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PhysX was better on a dedicated GPU for a period also. As CPU cores and SIMD capabilities increased, it made sense to offload physics back to CPU and keep GPU dedicated to rendering.

NVidia is just striking the anvil while it's hot, as usual.

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