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So if you followed my "Green Envy" Build you'll know it's still under construction and i decided to also put my backup rig on water while i'm at this. Thus i can use my backup rig while Green Envy is under construction, as well as get a loop under my belt before jumping to this monstrous rig i plan to assemble that is "Green Envy". It's going to take some serious time to assemble everything, learning to bend acrylic, and mod a case is going to be an experience as well.

So this build is much easier. In that it's just a single CPU/GPU with a case that requires no modding what so ever.

Just ordered the last of the components so everything will be here by mid week. Now when i can get home to actually assemble all this is another story. I start studying again on the seventh and am in the process of switching jobs. Hopefully i can find some days. I think it will take 3-5 to clean rads, blocks, assemble, and then leak test.

AMD FX-8320 @ 4.52ghz - these will be pushed further once on water.
EVGA 780 Classified
Sabertooth 990fx Original biggrin.gif
8Gb Mushkin Blackline DDR3 2000 @ 1866
Seasonic M12II 850W Modular PSU
Phantek's Enthoo Pro, was waiting on the Luxe which just released but i couldn't wait any longer and decided to pull the trigger on the pro.

Cooling Components
EK Supremacy - Clean CSQ/Copper
EK FC7970 CSQ/Copper
1x Swiftech MCR 320-QP
1x EK 240XT
1x EK 120XT
14x EK CSQ compression fittings - matte black
4x EK PSC 90 degree angle adapters - matte black
2x EK PSC 45 degree angle adapters - matte black
1x EK-D5 Vario X-Top - clear CSQ
1x Bitspower Z-multi 200 V2 reservoir
1x Bitspower tripler rotary angle adapter
1x Bitspower mini-valve
1x Bitspower Low profile stop plug
1x Bitspower rotary T-fitting
2x Bitspower 20mm extenders
1x Bitspower rotary extender
2x Mayhems 1L Blood Red Coolant
6x Corsair SP120 Quiet editions

I still have to clean my rads with a good distilled shake, clean the oxidation off my GPU block, and polish up the acrylic on the GPU block before i can even get started building. That said i'm looking forward to getting a rig under my belt. And i think it's going to turn out great. Bit of an expensive upgrade for a backup rig, but...yolo right? The case and PSU were needed WC components were about 400$ total so not too bad. Could've done cheaper i imagine. Can't wait to get started. I'll post pics as soon as i can. I guess i could've been more creative on the naming scheme but meh lol.

Green Envy
(12 items)
Purple Haze
(12 items)
i7-3770k @ 4.5ghz
Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3
EVGA 780 Classified
EVGA 780 Classified
16GB GSkill Ripjaws DDR3 2133
Hard Drive
WD Raptor
Power Supply
Seasonic 850w M12II
Cooler Master Glacer 240L
Phantek Enthoo Pro
Operating System
Windows 7 64-Bit Home premium
Asus VG248QE
Logitech G15
Ryzen R5 1600x
Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX
Diamond 7970
G Skill DDR4 3200
Hard Drive
Western Digital Black
Hard Drive
Samsung 850 Evo
Power Supply
Corsair SF600
Cooler Master Glacer 240L
Black Ice Nemesis L-Series 240 Stealth
Mayhems X1 UV Purple
Fractal Design Define S Nano
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