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Hi all,

Okay some time ago I was working on this build . . . actually almost a year ago and then life got in the way . . . funny how that happens confused.gif. You finish one thing only to be overtaken by events and before you know it a year has gone by and no modding has been done. doh.gif

So, I have finally finished what needed to be done, went back down to my workshop yesterday and looked at the dusty mess which was this build. A lot of cleaning / determining what the heck I was doing and where I left off a year ago and I think I finally have it moving in a positive direction. However, I wanted to get one mod rolling so I decided to pick the PSU. So here is my first attempt after a year long hiatus.

PSU - Making it METRO Oriented

I started with an old Corsair HX750 PSU and stripped it apart.

I wanted to give it a complete paint job so I taped off everything and started with a "ruddy brown" primer which was going to provide the base rust appearance of something that has been used extensively and give it a post apocalyptic feel.

The final paint job consisted of a light spray of olive drab to mix in with the rusted look and some weathering using aluminum brushed feathering along the edges. I wanted it to look well used. I kind of wimped out on the attached CPU power cords and rather than doing individual para-cording (I never have luck with Corsair double cables), I gave the existing a cords a spraying of paint and weathering effects to give them a used and worn look. Hey what the heck . . . it is an apocalypse after all . . . make due with what you have biggrin.gif

Finally, I added some decals in keeping with the METRO Last Light theme and just to make things a little less boring smile.gif

I know not really that much but I just needed to get something completed to get back in the groove. Hope you enjoyed.


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