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Hi all,

As some of you may recall this was a low budget build in keeping with the theme of the game . . . scrounge, scrounge, scrounge . . . well that and my dog tore her ACL when I started and ate up my real budget. But as I got going there seemed to be something apropos about cannibalizing old to make something that can still be of use. Well at least that is my story and I am sticking to it. tongue.gif

Anyway, as I continued with my build I was looking at my MOBO (stock in the big box Gateway build I was cannibalizing) and all that bright green PCB was mocking me and my attempt to get a gritty look. mad.gif So after reading Spartan's post about plasti-dipping the mobo I thought why not give it a try? I found Snef's post about how-to and had at it (thanks Snef).

Now my intent was not to do a perfect job but apply enough black to darken the mobo so it is not 100% black . . . just rough looking . . . kind of like it has been scorched during the nuclear holocaust.

Step 1

Started with the clean MOBO - yup she's an oldie but still has some good play in her (an Intel i3 dual core) . . . beggars can't be choosers in the post apocalyptic world n'est pas. wink.gif

Step 2

The taping - everything that needed connection or could not be coated - notice my shiny new can of Plasti-Dip (black flat)


Step 3

The painting - first of two light coats. I only wanted to give is scorched looks so I was not overly concerned if some of the PCB green came through.


Step 4

Tape off and final product. Okay a little more black than the scorched look I was going for but close up the green PCB is still poking through in places. So overall happy with the look. Will still do some fine tuning aging so still a work in progress. I am most likely going to tackle the RAM in the same manner then turn my attention to the stock Intel cooler (age it up)

PSU Update

In my last post I made some mods to my Corsair 750HX PSU which included a game oriented label (Communist Faction) to jazz up the side. Wasn't completely happy with the tiny label so I increased it's size and went with a bit of Russian for Corsair (Google Translate so it might not be exact). I like the new look better.





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