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[Valve] Artifact, a Dota 2 based card game, to release Nov 28, 2018 for $20

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As previously stated, this is Valve + Richard Garfield. This game is probably going to be fantastic.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Audio View Post
This reminds me of that CSGO thread, everyone hating on the game during beta. Games going to be good guys it's valve and Richard Garfield. Pay to play model looks promising despite not knowing much ATM.

Personally, I just don't care much for that type of game (or CS:GO either or multi-player games in general).

As to the game itself, yes, it will probably be a great game in the genre, possibly even the best, because Valve brought seemingly the right people in to do it and they probably still care very much about quality and some degree of originality, after all they've always strived to make games that brought something new to the table, even if the genre itself was not new.

I'm just waiting on what else they have to show for their Source 2 engine and Vulkan support.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of their first game, which just so happens to be Half-Life, so I hope that a card game is not the only thing that they have to show in 2018. Then again, they're Valve, so they will probably do just that. Moving on to 2019 then...

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I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid... and I went ahead anyway.

If it's not coming out for the PC, it's dead to me.
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It could have been worse.

It could have been Half Life 3 - The Card Game!

Still, I wonder: will this one have ray tracing in it? We need realistic rays on those cards.

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Valve is fat and useless, like its leader.

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This thread getting bumped reminded me of why I should not buy Valve games anymore.

I wanted HL3, L4D3 or a new title of value. You see Valve, I do not play card games unless located in a remote cabin without power...

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Lots of hate in this thread,
If card games are not for you, do not complain.
I am not the biggest fan but good job on them for doing something (possibly great ?) for the fans of the genre,
Stop bad mouthing steam/valve, almost all of you use it, or have used it.
They brought out amazing games, that all of us have played/loved.

At some point they may bring out more games, if they do not that is also fine.
Atleast they haven't gone the way of most game companies (Loot box, turning IP's into **** etc etc )
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Quote: Originally Posted by TFL Replica View Post
I hope they have something substantial in the pipes. Surely all that hard work on Source 2 and Vulkan is not going to culminate in a card game.
Despite there being no official public word on it, we can only assume they have something very substantial in the pipes. We know Valve is working on something big and it's going to take a long time. If I had to guess, they are mid-way into developing Source 2 and in the earlier stages of the projects made for it. We know Valve is a business and we also know they are sitting on very valuable IP. If 2+2=4 then we can safely assume Valve will want to profit from their IP rather than squander it.

With Steam having essentially over-taken the PC games market in less than a decade, I can only imagine Valve's next big release will be massive. And as much as I dislike VR, there's a clear path right now for Valve to synergize Vive with Half-Life 3. Every big move Valve makes gives me impression they're posturing for the future. People complain about the direction of their effort but to me I've noticed Valve has been so successful because they're patient and make the right moves.

Let's take these card games for example. I don't care for them. But they're clearly nothing more than a cash cow. Compared to any other type of game they require absolutely minimal effort from the development and production side things but if they're popular then they're practically a gold-mine. I would hate to think Artifact as a game to define the direction Valve is headed, and would rather think of it as a stepping stone towards their next big project.

I really abhor this "what has Valve done for me lately?" train of thought that's pervasive in these threads. Valve doesn't really owe anyone anything. They've already done more for PC gaming than any other developer and people are really going to act like babies about it?

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Thank you !
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so now game companies are going to flood the market with cards games, so much creativity, wow

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