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The Moment of Truth

Okay so I have completely dismantled my PSU and heatsink to paint them and, plasti-dipped my motherboard and RAM all for the sake of a getting a post apocalyptic Metro Last Light look and feel within the build . . . funny how brave you can get when the parts are scrounged and not new and shiny. winksmiley02.gif

So . . . the moment of truth. After all this dismantling, painting, plasti-dipping . . . does the darn thing turn on? To test I set up the motherboard, heatsink, RAM and attached the PSU. I also attached the two fans going into the build. The Bitfenix green LED (the only thing purchased for this build) will sit at the top of the main case to give off a green glow. With the exception of sleeving the cables, I won't be painting this fan as it will be hidden in one of the ammon can lids (won't be seen)

The other fan will be at the bottom of the main case and will be seen so it gets the aging process . . . but I digress. Again everything is all plugged in and the grittiness of the build looks reasonably good IMHO

Crossed my fingers and hit the switch . . .

IT STILL WORKS!! biggrin.gif

When I cannibalized the old Gateway build I stripped out the power switch and led. I have decided to run the power switch under mobo out the back into the gas mask and place it in the gas mask canister (see white arrow on photo). The switch will be a standard press button switch.

As for the LED light, I have other plans for it. I am also going to run it under the mobo out the back case and into the gas mask. My intent is to emulate one the graphics of the game.

The light will be placed under the eye pieces to give off a glow of light.

To create the monster reflection I will be placing an opaque green label over one lens and an opaque green label with the monster reflection (black)over the other lens. The light will light will sit just below the lenses to reflect enough light up to make the lens labels glow green.

Hope you enjoyed


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