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What to do with the Hard Drive?

As I move this build along, I am quickly discovering that room in an ammunition case is limited. I was hoping to place my HD along one side but discovered that the mobo / ram prevented that plan mad.gif. So I decided to move it to the bottom of the case (which presented other design changes . . . TBD later).

How to mount the HD so it would not be mucking up the theme with all its shiny was an issue. I thought about painting but decided against it in the end. Instead I thought I would hide it below what would look like a venting grate. For those familiar with the game, there are plenty of air/heading ducts in the Metro and outlets have a venting grate over them.

So to create this, I took the old HD cage and split it apart so I would have a base to mount the HD in. This will be attached to the bottom of the case with a thumb screw so it can be removed if required . . . concept below.

I needed something to create a venting grate (slatted type) and luckily had an extra eaves venting plate lying about which I cut apart and using my high tech bending tool (2x4 and a mallet) created the top piece.

As I wanted it to have a gritty industrial look, I did a bit of painting using oxide red and grey as well as some weathering detail and of course I have to have some warning signs on the venting cap (Russian in keeping with the theme)

So you might be asking what is up with the broken slats? Well for those of you who have played the game, there are all sorts of nasty mutants in the Metro and they tend to burst out of ducts at you. One nasty mutant . . . the giant spider tends to nest in/over warm air intakes . . . so I thought why not incorporate a bit more of the game? winksmiley02.gif

Creating the Spider Lair

I wanted to place a spider nest over the broken out slats and turned to interior silicone caulking to create the effect. For the eggs I needed a shell to place the silicone over so I used a merrete and paper to create the basic shape. This was then covered in mixture of while silicone and make-up foundation.

I was going to have three pieces which would be placed on the HD Cover, the vent covering the front air intake fan and the floor all designed to simulate a spider lair from the game. Of course I needed spiders and for that I searched the Halloween trunk and guess what I found?

The silicone itself was too shiny so I started with a flat grey primer over the three pieces I was going to use. This was followed by three sponge coatings of "chic peach" interior latex (try explaining the paint person at Home Depot you are looking to paint a spider lair wackosmiley.gif). Finally, some highlighting with dark brown and an assortment of oranges, yellows and reds to add detail.

The finished spider lair pieces were glued to the vent covers and everything was dry fitted into the case. I decided to add a few more spiders. Cobwebs will be added once everything is completed.

I hope you enjoyed . . . let me know what you think so far.


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