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Hey guys, this is my first build for myself in a while. I didn't like my old HTPC that I had built out of spare parts, so I decided to do it properly. This is a combination new, used and extra parts I had laying around, but I'm trying to build it right this time.

This little guy is a combination File Server and HTPC, so it has to be quiet, and big on the inside. As a reference, here's some of the other stuff I've built recently:
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I settled on the Node 804 because I LOVE Fractal cases. I've used them a ton for all different builds, and they are just great. And to start it just had the parts from my previous HTPC in it, which were unimpressive (so much so that I didn't even take a picture before I started taking it apart).

Here's all the parts that I need to ADD to this computer - nothing is being taken out, just adding a RAID card, more storage, better cooling and a better GPU.

Here's the GPU I picked up on sale, the ASUS GT730 Corporate Stable Model (passive heat sink on it, and it's only 23W under full load). Also, the PERC 5i I snagged off eBAY, with a BBU, and the cable, for $30 shipped!

Literally all I did was take the HSF off the CPU (it was the stock one) and snap a picture - this was unimpressive to start with.

The Phanteks PH-TC14PE is seriously huge. It's technically larger than what *should* fit into this case, but it does in fact fit (barely). I have it set up going bottom -> top so they'll be pulling air from across all the other components in the expansion area.

Here's everything installed on the front side of the case (except fans). Giant HSF, GT730, ASUS PCE-AC56 Wireless Card, and my PERC 5i I snagged off of eBay.

You'll have to sub for more. I have to clone the the OS drive, get all my media swapped onto the 10TB of movie storage, boot it, and load a ton of drivers. Then it'll be time for stress testing and temps, so stay tuned! I've also got plenty of fans to add, but they'll only go in if they're needed.

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