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Originally Posted by Overclocker.Monster View Post

I didn't know that lol... ok I'll forgive u just this time xD.

Just save it and get 860 tii

Haha, I think I'll go for the 870 or something, hopefully it comes out in September or is at least announced!

It's been so stressful lately, so many games I've wanted to try, I saw Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare on Origin free time, and the same for TitanFall, they would of been excellent games to test! doh.gifsad-smiley-002.gif

Originally Posted by JR88 View Post

With all that said still the Haswell/ivy dual cores are underrated as hell, being like gaming and most application's are still being so single threaded/ 1/2 core utilization etc......they can do plenty of damage especially high OC....just no benefit/useless for more cores when they are not in need

hell my first gen running on 2 with HT on at 4.4-4.5ghz runs pretty damn good like that xD

For real, if the G3258 had 4 threads or simply 1 more core. It would be insane! The things which struggle on it would simply benefit from one more core or 2 more threads, It's not even funny!
Originally Posted by dxt55 View Post

Great thread TopicClocker! I'm coming from a Phenom II x4 B25 @ 3.4Ghz myself (unlocked Deneb-core Athlon II x3).

I picked up 2 G3258 combos with B85 chipset motherboards, a Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H and MSI B85M-P33 v2. Both boards cap the core voltage at 1.2v (which it goes to on AUTO when I overclock). And both cap my 1600Mhz memory at 1400Mhz, even with XMP profile enabled - probably a limitation of the B85 chipset.


Have you tried raising the bus speed and dropping the multiplier? you might be able to bring your memory up to their stock 1600MHz that way if you deem it safe.
Originally Posted by Aziraphale05 View Post

Woah boy, it did not like 1.2v for ring. It was not stable in windows at all and BSOD'd pretty quick. I backed it down to 1.8 and the same thing while just updating D3 launcher (not even in game). At this point, I worried the RAM might be a bit funky so I ran MemTest86 all night and it came back clean so that's at least one less component I have to worry about. Given where it's at, I may play the return game. I backed it down to 4.2Ghz this morning with all the same settings from when I was at 4.3Ghz just to see if I get some stability.

Biggest problem now is the AC is on the fritz in my house and it's going to be 90*F today. Not an ideal day for testing.
Thanks, I may give it a try. Did you have to say anything specific or "just wasn't what I was looking for."

Wow not even 1.2v for ring? thinking.gif
Good luck by the way!
Originally Posted by abctoz View Post

I came from a dead phenom 2 too as well, it was a 3ghz tricore, in alot of cpu bound tasks my g3258 is twice as fast, so super happy!

Your BSOD shouldnt be caused by vring, mine is at 1.2v its perfectly safe. try to find your bsod bugcheck code and you can better diagnose whats causing it, most likely you need more vcore.

It's a great chip, I'm glad I could show others how it performs.
Before I made the thread I was wondering if I should get an i3 or the G3258, I picked the G3258 to help the community and show others how it performs!
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