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Originally Posted by flamin9_t00l View Post

No secret that I'm aware of lol... it's always ran well on this machine and feel free to put it in OP thumb.gifbiggrin.gif

I've tried quite a lot of mods for GTA IV and they've all ran really well on the G3258. What do you mean by ran like crap (low fps or texture errors)?

I was getting low 20s - low 30s in it, I tried both GTA 4 and EFLC, it was basically running worse than my Phenom II which would run the game at 30fps+
I thought it was another one of those heavily multi-threaded games which don't run well requiring 3+ threads to run well, however you're getting 30fps+
Originally Posted by TopicClocker View Post

I've given Borderlands 2 a test, it ran well on max settings, however I feel PhysX may have had an impact on the performance, I'll try and get two videos up, with PhysX on High and PhysX on low.

Update on games

Grand Theft Auto 4- Runs like crap, quite surprisingly
Max Payne 3 - Singleplayer runs great, Multiplayer too however I haven't found a full match yet to truly stress the CPU
Skyrim - Runs well
Borderlands 2 - Runs well
Sleeping Dogs - Runs great
Tomb Raider - Runs well
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