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I don't have my RVE yet, but I did have a simple question.

I have 2 SSD and 2 HDD from my old system. The 2 SSD (a 128GB and 256GB) ran on my older P6X58-D Premiums SATA3 in AHCI mode. The 2 HDD (Raptor 150GB 15krpm) were on the intel side configured as a raid 1. I read in the RVE manual that the SATA connections can only run in 1 mode. I.E. if set to RAID, all drives are set to RAID.

I am most likely incorrect, but I thought SSDs are best run in AHCI mode? If so, The single mode of the MB might cause an issue for people wanting a setup like mine? I'm most likely wrong, or at least I hope I am.

Thanks. Looking forward to my RVE and 5820K with a new Plextor M6e as a OS drive.
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