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Originally Posted by iBored View Post

Question! I'm on my X99 deluxe now, and there's this warning that keeps popping up on my bottom right corner.
It warns a low Vcore of 0.128V or Dram Voltage of 0.000V.
HWMonitor shows 0.9V for my Vcore and 1.2 on my Dram.

It doesn't seem to affect anything, but its really annoying to have something pop up on your screen so often.

This is called polling contention - it's because you are running more than one monitoring tool. The software is trying to poll the onboard sensor at the same time so one of them cannot report a value - hence the warning and misread. Ideally only one monitoring tool for voltages should be used at a time. You might be able to disable the monitoring of AI Suite in the options (have a look through). The only other option is to run just one tool if HWM wont let you disable some of its monitoring..

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