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Welcome everyone to a new log and let me introduce the willing participant,the In Win D Frame MINI!

After the S3,which is far too large for a LAN box like originally planned,I wanted a smaller footprint and something a bit more aesthetically pleasing,so,after seeing this gorgeous case at Computex,I made some inquiries at In Win and here is the result!

Some of you may have seen this case about and,if you follow any of my forum witterings,probably know already that I had this coming.
The case is a tubular spaceframe design made with Alu tube and,quite frankly,a mobo tray that is a structural grade piece of kit! The tempered glass is a lovely thing to see and is common place on all the high end In Win chassis.

Shall we have a walk round the case then?

You have never seen a mobo tray that thick,guarantee it!

You can have the PSU either way,up or down.

Massively thick HDD and SSD mounts.

Backside of the tray.

Tray out!

The whole tray is decluttered,this ITX case has ambition....

This mod is changing the standard ITX flavour into mATX!

As you can see,you get a substantial case for you money,the anodized frame is nice and well finished and no skimping on materials,Im looking forward to working on it......

First thing is to strip the anodizing ready for some lovely paint,I know I just praised the coating quality and it seems like it would be a waste to strip it but it will be worth it!

The paint I will be using for the frame is....

Also,sadly,that mobo tray is also going for a 25mm sandwich tray that will carry all the cabling,most of the watercooling routing and an integrated reservoir.
As always,the aim is a clean looking build,no faff or fluff but details to keep you entertained!


Magoo insists that he is project lead on this.......He isnt but you know....he thinks he is.....

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