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[Official] ASUS X99-E WS Owner's Club

This is my first time at such a thread so please be patient. If there is no objection, I would like to create a thread just for this motherboard as it is pretty unique IMO, and definitely is a great looking board. I've looked at some other owner's threads and borrowed the format of the OP from them, thanks to the other thread owner's creators for the template! thumb.gif

If you think that there is something that should be added to the OP please let me know and I'd be happy to add it.

I just ordered mine (9/29/2014) so I'll update the thread with pics of my board when it arrives.

ASUS Gallery Images... (Click to show) Pictures of the VRMs... (Click to show)

Pictures of the PLX PEX8747 chips... (Click to show)

Manufacturer Links:

UEFI Versions:

1102 <-- Direct Download Link
X99-E WS Formal BIOS 1102 release
1. Improve compatibility for some VGA cards.
2. Improve compatibility for some memory module.
Older UEFI Versions (Click to show)
1003 <-- Direct Download Link
X99-E WS Formal BIOS 1003 release
1. Improve SATA-EXPRESS single port stability.
2. Fix compatibility for CORSAIR 2133C9 DIMM.
3. Add Ez/Adv. icon on EzMode.

0902 <-- Direct Download Link
X99-E WS Formal BIOS 0902 release
1. Revise memory manufacturer name.
2. Support user password's rules in the security function of BIOS setup.
3. Fix compatibility for Genius 87 Gaming Keyboard.
4. Support server ASUS Updater tool.
5. Modified the words "Vcore voltages" to "CPU Core Voltage" in "EPU Power Saving Mode".

0801 <-- Direct Download Link
X99-E WS Formal BIOS 0801 release
1.Revised a string from "SB PCIE X4_2" to "SB PCIE X16_2" in Advanced\Intel(R) Thunderbolt.

0702 <-- Direct Download Link
X99-E WS Formal BIOS 0702 release
1.Support ECC function

0701 <-- Direct Download Link
X99-E WS Formal BIOS 0701 release
1.Update EC1 FW to 0413.
2.Add 'SMBus Write' option in setup(AiTweaker/Dram Timing Control)
3.Update power phase control with PCB ID added

0606 <-- Direct Download Link
X99-E WS Formal BIOS 0606 release
1. Improve XMP settings.
2. Enhance System stability.
3. Enhance USB compatibility.

0509 <-- Direct Download Link
X99-E WS Formal BIOS 0509 release
1. Improve the compatibility of USB keyboard.
2. Improve the compatibility of Server CPU.
3. Improve the system stability.
4. Improve progressive of OC performance.

0413 <-- Direct Download Link
X99-E WS Formal BIOS 0413 release
First release.

Online Listings:


Reviews & Other Links:

ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread (North America)
[wccf] ASUS X99-E WS Workstation Motherboard Unveiled
TweakTown.com - ASUS X99-E WS (Intel X99) Workstation Motherboard Review
Overclockers.com - ASUS X99-E WS Motherboard Review

PLX PEX info:


thumb.gifPetition Link: Vote for EK to make waterblocks for this board: thumb.gif

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