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Raja posted the below on the "ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread (North America)" thread and I thought it pertinent enough that it should be quoted here. Everyone please understand that you are buying into a new platform with X99 at this time. Moreover, you are also buying into a new memory platform in DDR4. So please be patient and understand that there will be some hiccups but ASUS is here on OCN actively participating with our users to get any bugs worked out as quickly as possible!
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Thanks guys. I agree, I see this on every platform:

1) Users purchasing memory kits that they expect to be plug-and-play. Unfortunately any kit that is rated over stock speeds (DDR4-2133) may need adjustments. There isn't much we can do to make every sample work with every kit without the user needing to put in some work.

2) Users combining multiple memory kits - bad idea for plug-and-play. This is always a killer on the 8 DIMM platforms.

3) Users overclocking CPUs without even checking the system is stable at stock.

4) Users with CPUs that fall below the average for frequency that end up frustrated. Instead of debugging the issue by clocking the CPU gradually, they end up making several changes they should not make.

5) Users that don't seat memory modules firmly in slots (both sides clicked in) which results in a no-POST. Some make multiple RMAs before they realize this or they move on to another board entirely..

The rest, yes there are bugs. Same happens on every platform, but the above items are just as common. Sadly a lot of Newegg reviewers fall into the above camp. For the first two years of my tenure at ASUS I supported customers that had posted reviews on Newegg. There were plenty that dived head-first into building a killer rig with little to no experience and then blamed the parts. It was a fairly close split between genuine issue and lack of user experience/nous. Always wise to have someone nearby that can help put a first system together.

Remote help on forums or by other means, is only so helpful - someone nearby that has been through the process works a lot better.
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