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Built my old Twisting Get rig into the new case this last weekend... it went mostly smoothly smile.gif

Old Rig:

Power supply fitting snugly and on some nice noise dampening parts:

Ok, this is my only real issue with this case, the 3.5" HDD caddy has two problems for me, I can only mount two 3.5" HDD's (unless I have missed something really obvious), I would have hoped for a removable bracket within the drive cage for anyone wishing to install an optical drive or Liquid reservoir. My Second issue with the drive case is that the hdd's have to be mounted back to back, which means twisting the power cable around to the connectors and making cable management a little less tidy.

The other issue with the case is not so terrible, and is down to the rubber HDD mounts in the bottom of the main case tray, where two fans can be mounted.
The grommet can, as it did in my case, make contact with the fan hub and prevent it from spinning, I initially thought one of my bottom fans had failed.

p.s. Don't worry I turned the front bottom fan around so the labels matched direction redface.gif

SSD mounting was a breeze:

On mounting the board I had to see just how close my BeQuiet Dark Rock Advanced was to the side panel, its got about 1mm spare, be very careful choosing large air coolers for this case.

Untidy cabling for power on test:

Powering on.....

Panel fitted (plastic off) looking incredible

Cables tidied a little, this a a temporary build in, as I am looking to grab x99 components as soon as my wallet will let me biggrin.gif

Offside view with filter installed on PSU fan.

and finally the blue and red that becomes blue and pink due to light leakage, but the power and hdd lights look nice, the buttons even more so, light leaks onto the USB ports giving them some interesting illumination.

the Cooltek W2 case drops my temperatures by about 2-5C compared to the Vengeance C70, the lack of drive bays in the main chamber blocking airflow from the front fans is where I think the main difference is made, and I am sure with higher quality fans, even more can be knocked off as more positive air pressure is created.

Again thank you for reading thumb.gif

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