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Originally Posted by Captaincaveman View Post

Originally Posted by yesdoitmorelike View Post

i would like one too, i asked darlene if she would do one for me and charge me but she said the post was more than the parts and passed.

That's too bad frown.gif

Maybe if there's enough of you guys that need these, you could persuade Swiftech to make them available . . . it would certainly help them sell more pumps as well, so it should be a win / win for everyone.

For them, they'd have the economy of scale, in place production facilities, and so on . . .

For me, I'd have to order wire, a number of components, pay the Priority Mail shipping, make each one individually, and then package it and ship it out Priority Mail,

There'd be about $15 in postage, $5 in parts and wire, $10 labor at min wage, per unit . . . .

If I made them here, I'd have to sell what should be a $5 to $8 cable for $35+, just to break even . . . and I didn't figure in time and gas to pick up stuff at the post office or drop it off to ship it out. . . . . not to mention sleeving . . . .

You can see why we don't have much manufacturing in the Virgin Islands, well except for Rum.


Edit to add . . .

If I do pictorial step by step . . . . do you think it would help . . .

I can give a parts list for Jameco Electronics that sells in smaller quantities to hobbyists for wire and components.

I'll have to check if they have the connector pins and shells . . . . would be nice to source everything from one supplier . . . maybe I'll have to check Digikey.

Maybe you guys in major cities like Houston, with electronics schools like ITT, could approach the school and get a skilled student to make a bunch of these things up affordably?
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