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Originally Posted by Jakusonfire View Post

Originally Posted by Nichismo View Post

I still used the rubber inserts on both sides of the fans, but aside from those, they are directly mounted. The top ones however, are not. They are mounted on drop-in rad plate.

I have 6 in push and pull on my Airplex, mounted on the ceiling of my case. The ones on top have always worked fine, but the ones on the bottom have been sporadic. Sometimes 1-2 will suddenly stop spinning, or even just spin at a lower RPM than the others, and such. But once I hit a certain voltage on the top fans, the bottom ones instantly start spinning. Im not sure if its because of the air flow of the upper fans, but it seems rather quick and aggressive in their speed up to be from the above air flow.'

Im considering just removing the bottom 3 fans, and replacing them with the BlackSilentPro 1400rpm fans. and then using those 3 Eloops for the front and back intakes of my case, as I dont have any right now.

Are you sure the fans actually stop spinning? or do they just stop reporting RPM's? Because I had that very problem with B12-3's. At anything under 7V they would just suddenly stop reporting any RPM at all or would report a crazy high number. There was nothing I could do to fix them and ended up sending them back and swapping them for B12-PS models. It was not very impressive for a 'premium' fan.
I also started using the Eloops in push and Multiframes or SP120's in pull.

There was someone who added some components to the wiring of the fans and got them to work better with RPM's at lower voltages but I'm not sure if I can find the thread.

Edit; Talked about here but not the thread I was thinking of.

When you had the issue with the fans not reporting RPM at lower speeds, was this with an Aquaero, or some other controller . . . .

I ask because the controllers that are positive rail referenced, most Lamptrons, lower the voltage by bringing the negative output more positive, closer to the +12V rail, as opposed to lowering the 12V down closer to ground.

It's like getting 7V by using the +5V and +12V pins of a molex.

The problem is that the counting circuitry looks for the yellow wire to come very close to actual ground, and when the black wire is above ground by a significant amount, as it is at low voltage on a positive rail referenced controller, it can't read any tach signal.

In that situation, it has nothing to do with the fan, and everything to do with the controller.

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