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Latin for "Armored"

I'm back!

I like to start off with some kind of representation of what I plan on doing, but I decided to be lazy. This baby's all in my head. On that note...

1/16" sheet with some 1/2" square bar to get started with. I'm going to need a lot more before I'm done.

I went ahead and annealed the bar, but I skipped on the pictures. I've learned my lesson trying to bend tempered aluminum.

Lot's of hammering.

Pain the butt to get them nearly the same shape.

Getting an idea for how it will look? biggrin.gif

Hit the table saw to cut out 30 of these guys. A saw blade with a negative rake is a must for aluminum work. Well, unless you like getting metal thrown at you at high speed.

Trued them up a bit.

One down, 29 more to go.

Before I lose my mind cutting out all these pieces, check this out.

What could that be for... Yes, for this project I will be making my own blocks for the video card and CPU. I've always wanted to do that, it's half the reason I bought a mill.

I've been working on a prototype with aluminum.

I'm excited!
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