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Originally Posted by Cbiss View Post

Subbed for sure! thumb.gif Your last build was quite impressive! This looks to be shaping up the same way!
This will kick Baby Moon's butt!
Originally Posted by pcfoo View Post

Babymoon on steroids & hydration? yes please.

Drooling already.
Originally Posted by Ramzinho View Post

1- This will be on my top subbed builds.. and i've a friend that will love this build. and will follow as he is learning to do his blocks as well.

2- Now to my questions. Can we get a 3d Sketch of how this is planned to looks like biggrin.gif, and are you sure about the structural integrity of two curved aluminum bars ? will your shells if welded/bolted give enough for the skeleton to hold on to the weight of the components? i'm not questioning. i'm asking if you have had a kinda of a thought about it.

Great build.. will love seeing this finish.
Apart from a veeeeery rough sketchup to make sure everything fits I don't have anything to show. In fact, I don't really have a finalized design. I have a few ideas for just about everything, we'll just have to see how it pans out. I'm actually a little hung up on how to transition from what I'm working on now to the side panels. I'll get some inspiration while I work on the main part.

And yeah, I'm not worried about structural integrity. There will be some internal bracing and the plates will probably all be bolted on.
Originally Posted by exodus1500 View Post

The aluminum will be strong enough for the down force without any trouble, it will just need a little rigidity side to side which wont be tough. I assume rivets?

I am learning CNC right now and will be making my own blocks and case as well soon smile.gif I also LOVED baby moon. SUBBED.

I like how you made the CPU block have its mounting hardware where, if in the future you decide to change the board/chipset, you can easily adapt to new mounts.

can you give me a source of that copper? I found a place, but they did quite have the width that I was looking for.
I've had a lot of fun just designing a simple block I could make with my cheap mill. If I had some kind of CNC mill/router I would be in heaven. I ended up with 0.020" channels on my prototype, my setup and homemade slitting saw arbor wasn't rigid enough for 0.010". I hope it still performs decently.

As for copper, I usually buy metal from onlinemetals.com. I've ordered enough from them I get coupons for 25% off if my order is over $100. So I ended up with a 6" x 11" x 0.25" piece of copper flat bar for like $35. I'll probably go with a short 970 gtx if I can afford it so I have plenty of material for a full cover gpu block and like four cpus.
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