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Nice guide and thanks for the hard work.

At the moment i'm using inspector to OC my MSI 970 4G, all ive done is increase the power and temp target 110% at set core to 1506, vram to 8000mhz.
It is therefore still stock voltage.
If I use you guide can I therefor just leave the voltage bit alone ? (im basically just running max oc on stock votlage)

Also have you played around with the fan speeds at all ? I'd love to reprogram the fan IC in some way to behave how I want.
Ideally i'd like it set to 20% RPM as the minimum/ default, then i'd like it to ramp up from there to be hitting around 70% rpm @ 60'c .
At the moment I fix 70% fan when I OC the card and it keeps my card ~60-65'c under full load with above clocks.

I know its no drama to use Inspector/AB/Precision etc etc but it would be nice to just mod the bios and let the card just look after itself to how I want with no extra software involved !!!

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