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Originally Posted by jonny30bass View Post

For the voltage, you should set all of the sliders that I pointed out in the guide to your default voltage (my default is 1.212V). And yes I have a custom fan profile in my bios.

Ahhh Ok, cheers for the reply.

I didn't infact touch the voltage at all. I just set the base clock to 1418 by clicking "GPU Offset clock +13" several times, I then set the boost states to 1493.5 and saved.
Then set memory to 4000, and set fan profile to how I want it.

Working good, card is boosting to 1494mhz in gaming and just sitting there nice and stable.

Fan starts up at 20-25% as I want and reaches 70% ish under load - this gives a load temp of 60-64'c (looped heaven for 2hrs to test stability)

I now have the perfect custom card !!!

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