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Originally Posted by EvilMonk View Post

Yeah its normal...
6.4 GT is for your 133 BCLK at stock frequency/multiplier stepping for the stock CPU
You are at 185 BCLK from what I see in your screenshot...
A simple math (I don't know how that math equation is called in english but in french its called une règle de 3) will show that in fact the 6.4 GT would turn out to be 6.4 x 185 / 133 = 8.9022 GT which is quite a lot and I don't think your system would be able to boot that frequency...

I think the word you're looking for is multiply and multiplied, it is called the multiplier.

4 multiplied by 2 = 8

You can multiply 4 by 2 and get 8 for an answer.

I always have had to set it to the lowest to boot too.

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