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Well I'm saying that it's there for a reason [a good reason]. The only reason you have the ability to modify or completely remove the function is due to overclocking enthusiast. My board uses has an option named "LLC" instead of Vdroop and I run with it set to AUTO or Disabled depending on the overclock situation. Since your MB actually says "Vdroop" I would probably leave that enabled. However, we love to abuse CPUs for performance so technically you can use whatever settings you want. Also Vdroop is good for CPUs. The last thing you want is your voltage spiking and it will between idle and loads. There are a few ways to attempt to counter disabled Vdroop. Some people use Dynamic Vcore \ Offset to counter this, but it won't resolve the obvious problem. I don't think you want your CPU to run continuously @ 1.33v during Idle and\or load. That's were vdroop and dynamic vCore kicks in in.

If you give me sometime I'll try to run some personal test on my rig later this week to explain the reasoning even better. In your case I would leave Vdroop on, but you will more than likely get a BSOD. That's completely up to you.
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